Saturday, February 11, 2012

First Grade Emergency Plans and giveaway!

Two weeks in a row I have missed 2 days of school!  :-O <---- screaming face!

I felt like I was barley catching up from the week before and then BAM- another stomach flu!  I swear the first one was just a warm up for the second one!  The second one I was so weak that I could barely crawl out of bed.  About 15 gatorades later- I still feel out of it but my husband came down with it.  (I will be kind right now and not call him a baby because he sometimes is so kind to read my blog!)

Well- I have the world's BEST teammates in the world!!!!!  I ended leaving my room a giant MESS and was planning on coming in early Thursday morning to clean it up and prepare for my personal day on Friday. (which turned into a sick day)  I had stacks of fairy tale unit stuff all over and who knows what else!!!

Through jumbled text messages I told them where my applesauce, spoons, video, fairytale video, books, worksheets etc. were sitting (because of course they were not on my shelves designed for my daily work!!!)  Ugh- those ladies must have worked their rear-ends off to make sure that my substitutes could find SOMETHING to do with the kiddos!  I am so grateful for them!!!

Well- I always thought that I was semi- prepared because I have a very detailed substitute notebook with filler items and generic Monday-Friday plans.  However (I didn't have it out- YIKES!) and it often doesn't seem like enough for those BIG emergencies.

So lo and behold between naps and fluffing my husbands pillow (which in all respect I really don't mind too much because he normally does most of the cooking and house stuff so I really owe him!) I created a true emergency plan that can easily be pulled together by me or my lovely little first grade teammates in the matter of minutes.  All they have to do is fill out the first page with important information like lunch time and then choose the instruction pages and put the time it should be taught at the top and copy the resources behind. (Well most I will already have copied- I have had THAT year that I seem to always be sick with Vertigo or a stomach flu!!!)

Here is a peak at it below:

As with all new products:  it will be a giveaway!  I will draw 1 name in about 2 days to receive this for free to share with your teammates!  ;) 
Please leave your email if you would like a chance to win!  ;)

You can find it here on TPT.

P.S. *I ordered 2 small 31 totes for a big giveaway that I'm planning!  It is all about my favorite things- teaching and non-teaching related!  I want to wait for the totes to come in for photos!  If you read a few weeks ago- you probably learned that I love helping and giving away or buying things for others. 
So I am super excited for this!  :)

Back to sleep because it took me about an hour to type this!



  1. Emergency lesson plans always come in handy. Hope you are feeling better. Glad you have a good team:) Excited about your upcoming giveaway! I love thirty-one bags! I have two myself:)

  2. Very helpful and detailed! Sorry you've had a rough couple of weeks. It's difficult to be sick and still be a teacher.

  3. This looks great!!

    The First Grade Dream

  4. This looks great! I'm so sorry you have been feeling bad.


    Fun in Room 4B

  5. This looks amazing! My house has been sick for about 2 weeks!! I know how you feel.

  6. These look great.