Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Behavior System

Today is my second sick day!  I have slept a lot!  I still don't feel great but for the past 2 hours I have felt better so it is back to work for me!!!  I have a meeting next week about behavior so I was pulling items together.  I thought that I'd share them with you!   ;)  I think that I have shared bits and pieces before but this should be it all together!!!

I use the clip chart system.  I changed the colors to go with my school wide system.
If you are not familiar check it out:

  1. My students are paid for green- top of the chart.  They spend the money monthly at our class store.
  2. Students have to pay when they are on yellow-red. 
Peace Meeting and Peace Jar

We only have 20 minutes after special and before the end of the day.  We use 10 minutes for a daily peace meeting.  We discuss problems (without using names) and discuss how to problem solve the situations.  (USE YOUR WORDS!!!!)  We also end with compliments.

We have a peace jar.  We discuss how sometimes when you are upset that you will do something mean/ hurtful to that person or someone else.  We have learned to write what is bothering you on a piece of paper and crumble it up.  They place it in the jar and I throw all of the crumbled paper away on Friday to symbolize moving on.  It sounds silly but it actually works for some students!

Accountability Buddy Chart- this is used for 1 of my kiddos.
Privilege Chart- 8 of my kiddos use this

A part of the privilege chart requires students to visit the reflection center:

lol... doesn't it look like "fun?" 

Celebration Center- it isn't finished yet!!!!! (Wall coverings are not finished due to be sick!)

I was so inspired by Elizabeth from fun in room 4B to try something crafy for drawing winning numbers.  (That must be one heck of an inspiration because I don't have an artistic bone in my body!)
I have numbers 1-100 in the can.  I wanted to use a bingo cage but numbers only go up to 75.

I'm headed to bed again just to make sure that I get enough rest to be well enough to go back to work tomorrow!



  1. Thanks for the new ideas and reminding me of old tricks.

    Queen with Class

  2. Wow! You are so organized and on top of things! Thanks for the new ideas:)

  3. Thanks for the shout-out! I hope you feel better. I'm also giving you an award. Head on over to find out all about it.

    Fun in Room 4B

  4. Always good to try new ideas. I've been using ClassDojo and it's been a miracle for my class. I'll keep some of your ideas and let you know how they work as well.

  5. Love these ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!