Sunday, February 5, 2012

What is happening to me?!?!?! Crafty Sunday! (and Valentine's Day)

Today was a day for the history books!  Please mark it down in history that 2012 is the year that Danielle was will try to do more things out of her comfort zone!

Seriously- I don't know what put me in the mood to try not 1 but 2 things crafty!!!

I still have to put the wall up for my celebration center.  As I was walking around my house today, I came across this:

(I only use my phone to take pictures so they never look that great!) 
My 2 toned wall- I thought- hmmm... perhaps I can make my celebration center two toned as well. 

Then I went to Walmart and found the green and blue wrapping paper as pictured above. 

My plan is to attempt to cover the top part in the green and the bottom in the multi-colored paper.  I think that I might need a strip of white just like my walls to bring them together. 

I'm really nervous about trying it out!  :)  We'll see how the photos end up!!!

On to #2.  I have been hunting for the small muffin heart pans to make the heart crayons that Elizabeth from Fun in Room 4B mentioned a few weeks ago.  I cannot find them so I think I might have to give up on it for now.

I was searching for fun healthy snack ideas and found an adorable butterfly snack bag that you make with a sandwich sized Ziplock and a pipe cleaner.  They use this for snacks but I thought that I'd try it out for my student gifts.

Here is my attempt!
I still have to add a tag!  ;)

You can find the original version of it here:

For my party I plan on making the Valentine's Day Card Scrapbook again!  It was a hit last year.  I just simply buy the $5 tubs of heart and love bug foam stickers and ask for donations of decorating things.

I got the idea from here from Deanna Jump's Valentine's Day unit. 
It has all of the labels that you need to make the book.

What can you try that is out of your comfort zone?

Have a great week!  :)

P.S.  I'm brewin' up a MEGA Giveaway of my favorite things!  (Thanks for the Oprah inspiration!)



  1. I'm not sure what I can try out of my comfort zone. I do love that butterfly treat bag!

  2. Oh, I'm so proud of you!

    Target, girl. Don't give up! Dollar Bin at Target....GO!


    Fun in Room 4B