Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Family Fitness and Health Night

Tomorrow is our first annual family Fitness and Health Night.  Big Kuddos to my amazing teammate for pretty much organizing the entire thing by herself!  :) 

I told her that I would help but unlike me I procrastinated until last minute!!! 

I told her that I would make the CD for the fitness stations.  I waited until tonight and hopped on itunes.  I was really disappointed that there were only a few radio edited versions of popular songs!  I also looked up "workout music for kids" and only found the music that is sang by kids.  In an act of desperation I texted one of my former student teachers and begged for help.  He is a D.J. and within 15 minutes he emailed me an hour long play list!  Bless his little heart!  He always hooks my school up with his D.J. services.  So- procrastination paid off!  (Perhaps I should do it more!)

I also made some signs for the fitness stations, am picking up my friend Angie to teach Zumba (My PURE workout obsession!), bringing blenders for the smoothie stations, assembled things for the raffle (not the items but just the buckets and signs!) and best of all I GET TO WEAR WORKOUT CLOTHING DURING WORK ALL DAY TOMORROW!

I am the teacher who wear high heels almost every day but give me a chance to wear sweats- and I'm all in!

I am really excited for tomorrow and hope that we have a good turn out!  I will be working (sampling) the smoothie station for the first hour and then working it all off for 30 minutes of Zumba and karate after! 

Have a great night!  ;)


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  1. Amazing planning & preparations, Hope all the members who participate in the Family fitness Night.