Monday, February 27, 2012

WINNERS AND What are your Favorite TPT Items?

Here are the winners of my giveaway! :)

I will be emailing hcarp with both units as well as asking for her mailing address!  She will receive 8 picture books in the mail!  The books should be ready for me to pick them up tomorrow!  :)
I also will be emailing Mrs. Richling, Maryellen Reagan and Jean to ask them if they would like the writing prompts or literacy activities!  :)

---------------------------------------ON TO THE GOOD STUFF :)-------------------------------------

Since I am planning on breaking the bank on February 29th at TPT... I thought that it would be nice share a list of favorite TPT items that I have purchased. 

Here are some of my favorite purchases:
I use my Scholastic Fairy Tale Videos, Books and some other online sites for this.  I just love the creativity!  For example Cinderella has writing paper, a story map and telling time worksheets (You know because of the midnight thing?)  Oh I LOVE this!
I have used these for morning work.  They really have helped my students with editing!
Oh my gosh!  My kids and I had so much fun doing this!  It reminds me of the Kissing Hand type of scavenger hunt around the school.
That Cara Carroll sure does make wonderful things but this is my ABSOLUTE favorite of hers.  I used many of the activities when we were learning about raw materials to product.  Super cute stuff.
I have always wanted to have literature circles in my class but most resources that I found were too difficult for my little ones.  These are simple enough for my 6-7 year old students to complete.  This is a great product!

Please leave a comment with your favorite TPT items and why you like them.  I need to create a list of all of the items that I will be buying soon!


P.S. Just a reminder that I am having a sale at my store too!  I am offering 20% off everything in my store on Leap Day.Here is a link right to my store.  :)
As an added bonus...
if you buy 2 items- email me at with a name of a third file that is of equal or less value you would like me to send you for FREE!  :) 
So not only is there a discount on Leap Day but it is a buy 2 and get one free sale for my blog readers!  (Because I appreciate each and every single one of you for reading my ramblings.)  ;) 


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