Monday, January 21, 2013

Class Dojo and Power Teaching!

Do you ever try to find something or a solution to something that is just staring at you in the face?!?!?!

After months and months of trying to creatively use class dojo-but not having the luxury of using my hubby's iPad this year- and not liking having to pause students from using the projector or pull down something we are working on to assign points-

I finally realized- "Um- I HAVE a class dojo app!" My phone is like a mini iPad- I can just use class dojo from there!!!

Isn't my dog cute?  :)

I only used class dojo for 1-2 months last year but it was easy to use because I used it on the iPad so it didn't interrupt what we were doing. We even have cool smart slates this year that work like a wireless remote where I can pull up the website... And it worked but I wasn't happy with how much time I was wasting. Sometimes we would be watching a video and I couldn't assign points until after it was over. It worked- but knowing how well it worked with an iPad just made me want to find a better way to use it.

I decided this round to try to incorporate it with power teaching.

 I created an avatar for oh yeah points and one for mighty groan. Right now I'm just using their cute monster avatars but I'd like to change it to something more creative soon. A staff member uploaded Justin Beiber photos and other fun avatars to his. I bet his kids love it! Ill have to think of something fun as well. :-). Maybe ill take their photo with happy faces and or with frowny faces??? :-)

Here is a screen shot from my phone:


The trick to using this with Power Teaching's Scoreboard is that you only give positive points to the Oh Yeah and only give negative points to the Mighty Groan. (You get to select your own awards.  These are just the awards that I use.) 

FYI- What and Why is something new that I'm trying.  I will randomly ask, "What are we doing and why are we doing it?"  If a student can answer it and apply it to real world items- they earn a point.  :)

This is absolutely great.  When you give a positive point it makes a "Chiching!" sound.  The students know exactly what they earned and they can get right back to work.  When you give a negative point it makes a deep, "Babaaaa!" sound.  lol.  Watching their expressions when they hear the sound is priceless!!!!  :)

One of the coolest features is that it will create a pie graph with the amount of positive or negative awards that you have earned.  You can use that information to have a behavior boot camp in your class or celebrate their success!

I think using class dojo mixed with power teaching should work well! :-)  I'm VERY excited to use this!

I have NO. IDEA why it didn't dawn on me to use my phone! I wish I had an iPad (hint hint hubby) to use instead!:-)

If you haven't checked out class dojo-here is a link to a blog post that I wrote last year. It is FREE and the kids love it! :-)

OR go direct to the website yourself --->

Side note- I've been Doing a little blogging roulette and have found some amazing blogs! If you are working on grade cards like me- it is a great distraction! :-)



  1. Hi Danielle - Kalen from ClassDojo here. Thank you so much for taking the time to post about us - our small team here at ClassDojoHQ really appreciates the support! We also all love your dog!

    If anyone who comes across this post has any questions for us or needs help getting set up with their free account, please don't hesitate to reach out at Cheers :)

    ps. Best of luck getting that iPad!!

    1. Lol... I'm working every angle that I can!

      Thanks for providing such a wonderful, fun and FREE tool!!! :-).

  2. It looks like you are doing a great job using the Scoreboard Game in the classroom! The WBT team is happy to hear you are enjoying the app. Have a great year!

    Jeff Battle
    7th Grade Science Teacher
    WBT Executive Board Member/All Star Team Trainer

  3. Hi!
    I found your link with this on Pinterest. I would love to try this exact thing. I did Class Dojo last year and started doing WBT this year. I think this will work great and love to hear about your success!

    I have one question though...did you send home letters to parents like you would if you were just doing class dojo with each students' individual avatar? I am just curious if that works seeing as you only really have 2 students (Might Oh Yeah! and Might Grown...)

    Thanks for your help!

  4. I have a question about your Mighty Oh yea and Mighty Groan. Did you just add those to groups and add all students?? I love that idea, but wondered how you used it.

    1. This is a great question! I'm curious about this as well!

  5. I am also curious as to how to set this up. I know it has been awhile since your blog but I am hoping you are still checking email. Did you only set up 2 students? or did you make a group of students? If you only set up two students, how do you connect parents? thanks so much