Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Student Word Assessment 1

This is a continuation of research that I conducted while completing my masters.  This is a portion of a year long action research project that I worked on identifying why students struggled with reading.  Through my research I found Orton Gillingham Strategies, using context clues and multiple intelligences to help students master sight words.

With this Student Word Assessment, I am attempting to take my research a step further and to identify specifically which type of words students need to practice.  The words on this assessment have taken multiple hours to decide.  I have included words with word chunks, words that you can sound out, words that you need to know a rule to figure out and irregular words. 

Depending on how students score on the assessment I have interventions for the green, yellow and red words. 

Here is a peak at the assessment:
Sorry I still cannot upload images!  Thank goodness for Blogger phone app! 
I need my super smart hubby to figure out what is wrong!  :)
 Students read off of a copy with words in rows.  Many of my students always lose their place and I was hoping that this would help keep them on track.  ;)
 This is what my copy looks like.  I borrowed this format from my district.  I love how they have multiple columns next to each other so that you can easily compare words correct on different dates.
Next to each word in parenthesis are either a (G), (YC), (YR) or (R).  Those tell you what type of word that it is. 
After the student takes the assessment- you record how many of each word type that they missed on this sheet.  (You can see it on the cover sheet)
You can find the Student Word Assessment here.

We had a surprise 2 hour delay this morning so it gave me time to finish my grade cards and blog!  For such a short week- I sure feel like I have accomplished a lot!  :)


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