Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Grade card time and kid stories.

Anyone else feel like all that they have been doing is assessing lately?? :-)

At least after assessing it is making me speed up with updating my sight word intervention. I have been trying to upload samples of this for a few days but I'm having trouble with the last stage of uploading items on TPT.

Sorry for the lack of blogging. I have so much catch up on blogging to do. I have wonderful finds on TPT to share, my updated sight word intervention (I started this when I was working on my masters 3 years ago) and just some tips.

Even though this has been a stressful two weeks I always am surprised and delighted by my students. Today I had a little girl bring me a school quilted bag filled with little crafts that she made. It always warms my heart when they think about you that much at home!

I'd love to read some comments of what your kiddos have done to make you smile! If you have time- leave a comment- I always love reading the nice stories!!

Ill be back soon!!! :-)


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  1. Hugs and pictures. I have students who were in my class a while back come and hug me. My students this year love to bring me pictures.