Saturday, November 5, 2011

Accountability Buddy Part 2!

I had such a crazy week!  I ended up calling in sick Thursday and Friday because I felt horrible and my puppy ate my computer cord.  I know, I sound like one big lame excuse! 

My patient little giveaway winners JUST NOW received their documents!  Sorry for the delay!

I revamped my accountability buddy documents just to break the day into morning and afternoon.  It has been working rather well!  My custodians are AWESOME!  They will even pop into the room during the day, make eye contact with my little one and then leave.  :)  I hear my morning buddy praising my little one for the smiley faces.  I also hear the buddy asking what they will do to get the big face because they is what they expect. 

I am still new to using google docs.  Sometimes it seems easier than other days!  I will attempt to load it here in word format so that you can change the social story and accountability sheet to meet your needs!  You can get it here

We all have to stick together through these tough years!  :)



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