Monday, November 28, 2011

My To Do List

I was lying in bed last night and couldn't stop thinking about school.  I managed to NOT think about school since Friday of last week due to the holidays, food, family and friends. 

I made a giant To Do List: (Things that I need to make for my classroom)
*Finish my common core newsletters/exit slips
*Add sticker charts to the common core
*Start reading common core newsletters (to supplement the Daily Cafe newsletters)
*Work on Focus board signs and labels to go with common core
*Work on my editing/peer editing resource pack
*Create more writing forms but with a space to add a detail.
*Make more sailboat fluency phrases
*Create a plus0, 1, 2 and minus itself, 0, 1, 2 math worksheet and poster pack
*Create a plus and minus ten pack (Also finding ten)
*Create a missing addends pack
*Create adding 3 digits pack
*Create mid-term math evaluations for math skills
*ATTEMPT to make poems to go with fact strategies!!!
*Create a winter break and spring break homework to do list.  (I hope to create "real life" things to practice or things that can be completed in the car.)
*Create new/ supplement my math goal I Can charts with common core
*Create new blooms questions to go with math common core.

AHHH!  This is what I do late at night!  At least I am chipping away at it now!  Once these are finished- I'm sure that I will find something else to do as well!  ;)  The good thing is that all of the common core things won't be needed until next year!

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