Saturday, November 19, 2011

donors choose

My students have been very motivated with our publishing books from Lakeshore.

I have had my students complete one drafting story each week.  At the end of the month they have been asked to choose their best story to publish.  They then get to publish in Lakeshore's publishing books.  My students love these and extra motivated to write!  I only purchased 3 packs in August and quickly determined that these won't be enough!

I also found blank hardcover books at Lakeshore as well.  I would love to use these for the last month of school.  When I described theses, many of my students were very excited!  A few of my students said that their parents have a book like that from when they were in elementary school. 

I just submitted my first request for these items on donors choose.  Has anyone ever filled an order from  here before?  I was confused regarding the $30 donors choose donation added to the total.

Feel free to check out my donors choose website!  If you are in a giving mood, please feel free to donate as well!  ;)



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