Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Common Core

I LOVE receiving mystery gifts in my mailbox at school!  Last week I found 3 Common Core Clinics workbooks in my mailbox.  I asked my secretary if she put them there but she said no.  My guess is that I have them because I am the grade level rep.????

I FINALLY took a few minutes to flip through them.  I absolutely love them.  It is like a tiny textbook/workbook using the new common core standards.  It even has a dictionary with terms in the back.

I can't wait to figure out if these are just samples- and if they go more in depth or if this is the actual workbook.

Here is the link to the workbooks.

I also have been revamping my Math Mentions Newsletters.  I am re-writing them to go with the common core standards and I will also be including an exit slip and skill cards to go with each subject.  Since I already have many written for counting money and "old" standards, I will be including them in the pack as well.  I hope to have these posted on TPT in the next 2 weeks!

Here is what they look like so far:

I hope all with Levy's on the ballot did well today!  I'll be crossing my fingers for you!

Have a great Wednesday tomorrow!

-Danielle :)


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