Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Boy Who Cried Bathroom

We started our class book, The Boy Who Cried Bathroom, a LONG time ago!  We finally finished it!  We just have to publish!

Here is the non storybook form.  I thought they did a good job!  I coached a bit on using conversation in the beginning. 

I just adore how much my class LOVES to write!  I would get out the drafting of this story as a reward!  :)

You can definitely tell that we had been discussing inferring from their, "Mrs. White crossed her arms and squinted her eyes!" 

This also came at a great time to introduce revising.  I started holding back on introducing revising until the second grading period because most of my kiddos are not ready for it. 

If you haven't read Jennifer Jacobson's, No More, "I'm Done": Fostering Independent Writers in the Primary Grades, I highly recommend it!  I saw her at a conference 5 years ago in Michigan and she completely changed how I teach writing!  When this book first came out you could actually view the entire book for FREE at the publisher.  I read the entire book and STILL purchased it!  It really is that good!

The reason why I brought up Jennifer Jacobson's book is because she uses a revising strategy called "spider legs."  My kids and I made up a spider legs song to the tune of the "spider man" song.  My kids absolutely loved using this strategy with our class book. 

I was so impressed how my students really reflected and said, "Now I think we need to add the words, 'his friend' because I don't know if Raymond is a teacher or a student."  All I did was write and call on students.  They gave all of the ideas and revisions.  Some I was a little skeptical about like the, "I thought that I was going to pee my pants!"  However I said, well you are the authors and you are thinking about your audience and what they would like to read.

The best thing about this class book is that my students keep referencing it when they hear that someone is lying.  "You have fooled Mrs. LaSota too many times!  How will she know when you are REALLY telling the truth?"

My kids also had a great idea to also write this as a play!  I can't wait because that will definitely address ANOTHER standard!  ;)  Who would have thought that this one class book idea would last this long and have so many teaching moments??

Now I am finished posting for today!  Happy Saturday!



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