Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A fantastic find!!!!

I just had to share a fantastic little TPT find!

I was searching for "nonsense words" because I just found out at our data teams that I will have a tier 2 group working on nonsense word fluency.

So- this little baby turned up:

Then, I thought, I LOVE their stuff anyway- so I'll check out if they have any practice items to go with it...

The answer is YEAH!!!!
This is AMAZING and worth EVERY cent!
They even made a second version with the same activities but with different words.  :)

I highly recommend purchasing their 2 short vowel items.  I at first just wanted them for practice items for my tier 2 group.. but instead I am going to use their stuff for my whole class word work.  We have Journey's curriculum and they have weekly spelling words typically following a short vowel pattern.  I'm going to copy their short 'a' practice items for Monday-Thursday next week as my "must-do" word work.  (Our spelling words are all short a words.)

After they finish their "must-do" they will have word work choice to practice their "words to know (sight words)."

I just am super excited!  This is exactly what I didn't know what I wanted.  They even have a game for each vowel.  This works perfectly because word work on Fridays is always word games..... PERFECT!  :)

Ahhh...  I get into so much trouble on TPT... there are so many little treasures out there and I spend a fortune!!!  :-)

What treasures have you found lately on TPT????
(I want to know but my wallet doesn't!)


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  1. Writing Personal Narratives by Susan Moran
    I can't wait to try it out.