Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Grade Common Core

lol... I need to  have a giveaway just like these people... I should give it away things to anyone who blogs about it on a certain day... genius!  I foresee this idea catching on (particularly by me soon!)

Well I saw this on a blog and thought, "Who doesn't need more?"

They have a HUGE sample that you can download.  I LOVED it!  These will definitely fit between many of my common core items.  I completely recommend that you go check it out! 

The best thing is that if you blog about it before September 30th and follow some rules- they will send a digital copy to  you for FREE!  YAY!  I cannot wait!  So- hurry up and go check out First Grade Common Core for yourself!  It actually has cute graphics from scrappin' doodles.  :)

Now hopefully I followed all of the rules myself.  :)  I can't wait to "borrow" those rules and give away unlimited things to those that blog about it!  :)  You gotta love BLOG LOVE!

Have a great night and sorry for the double blog post.  Please check out my post from just 30 minutes prior about my common core reading response questions- a giveaway for the first person to correctly guess my favorite 90's boy band!  :)  HINT:  ______________ back.... ALRIGHT!  (Also go check out the first grade workbook- you will be in LOVE!)


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