Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lakeshore take it to your seat geometry center!

I'm always looking for new hands on math items to add to my math goal tubs. I just received this Lakeshore center in the mail!
I cannot even explain how excited that I was to open it up and get started! Even though I'm not ready for it yet- I definitely busted it open and started playing away!

Here is what is included:
Of course I have to use things in as many ways as possible... I think only a teacher can think of 100 ways to use a baby food jar or paper plates.... So of course having this new shape baby got my reels moving. :-)

Included in the pack are rods of different lengths. :-).
How perfect are those for emphasizing one of our cc standards of lining items up in order of size? :-).

*They can also graph what shapes that they rolled, add the sides and angles (doubles facts) or add the sides/ angles of their first and second shape that they make or roll.  They can just use the die to go on a shape hunt for the shape that they rolled... endless possibilities!  :)

Then there is the main purpose- building the shapes themselves. What better way is there for a kiddo that learns hands on than to make a shape? This item reminds me of the marshmallow and toothpick center activity that has been out for ages. I have always skipped doing it because quite frankly- sharp objects (toothpicks) and 6 year olds often don't go well together!
However the rods are dull and not the least bit sharp! I can finally have my kiddos make shapes without having a million bandages close by!

This is going into my shape goal tub also with laminated making shape worksheets, geoboards, shape flash cards and shape templates.
Here is also a link to some awesome free shape printables! This is from Loryevans blogger page.  I downloaded all of these last year.  I love the little shape people!

I really want my kiddos to do well- but I also really want to see how much they love the new center!  :)  Perhaps we can have an exploration day for just shape things.  :)


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