Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A great birthday and Grandparents Day!

Thanks for all of those who were able to celebrate my birthday with me!

I have attempted to email everyone their wishes.  Some of you might have received 2 emails because I was trying to make sure that I didn't forget anyone.  If I missed you, please DO NOT be shy and let me know!  :)

I still can take 2 more wishes!!! 

So, the first 2 to comment, leave me your email and what item you would like.  :)

Also- a reminder that Grandparents Day is coming up!!!!  It is too late for me to invite grandparents but I certainly will be doing some activities.
We are going to make a class book out of these.  One of  my lovely teammates told me that she has a friend that has her kiddos put on a wig and shaw/ hat/ cane etc and they take a photo before they write this!  SOOO cute!  I'm going to buy some gear to do this next year so this "after" Halloween season so I can get it cheap!!!

We are going to make these and send it home on Friday.

This is our word work for Thursday and Friday this week!  :)

We are going to read these on Thursday and Friday and complete the story map together afterward.

Questions to answer after one of the books.

Math measurement- using dentures.  :)

Graphing using grandma things and a story problem.

Even though this was the first work day of the week- it sure feels like a Thursday!!!!  Have a great Wednesday tomorrow!  :)



  1. Happy belated Birthday!!!
    I am in love with your Quarterly First Grade Common Core Math Pre-assessments.
    Thanks and I hope your bday was fabulous.

    1. Happy Birthday! Wish I had the Week end News!

      I am glad to hear your day went well!

      Happy EVERYday to you!