Monday, September 24, 2012

EDM Readiness Homework and Worksheets

We group students into 5 different groups for math.  Each teacher has one group in their class.  My group is one of the groups that needs a little more help with math.  After one lesson today it was very apparent that EDM is WAY too difficult for my students.

I spent my evening taking unit 2 and attempting to create simplified versions of the daily objective.  I will have students complete these independently as I am working in a small group.

I also wrote parent homework skill letters for students to complete in addition to the chosen EDM homework links that I will have them complete.  The homework items do not correspond to EDM but they are skills that my kiddos need like counting and skip counting.

I posted this on TPT if anyone else is required to teach EDM and needs something for your readiness kiddos to complete!  :)


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