Thursday, September 27, 2012

Common Core Reading Response

This must be the week that I am finishing some items on my extended To-Do list!  (I actually have midterms due tomorrow and only had 5 left to do but accidentally left them at school! :-(  I'll just go in early to finish them.  :)  )

I started this during the summer and finally finished one half of it and decided to post things on TPT in 2 parts. 

My new district is not using common core this year so I have another year to work on things but I know many of you have already started!  I'm hoping to whip things out so those of you that need them- can use them!  :)

Here is a peak:

These questions were inspired from a few websites that I found and I added quite a few of my own as well.  I wanted them to be in a reading response format.  I work a lot with my first grade students on responding to questions with restating the question so I included a starter sentence for each prompt. 

I also am about 1/4 finished with the reading information text prompts as well. 

I also added a math resource page to my common core deskplates due to a request. 
If you have already downloaded it- go re-download!

I LOVE taking requests- please keep them coming but remember I am:
 1.  At a new district and completely learning how to fit their needs with my style. 
2.  I already have a GIANT to-do list! 
I PROMISE if it goes on my list!  I just also have many other requests on there too.  :) 
I work on them as fast as I can!  :)

New product means a giveaway!  To make it more fair for some non-night owls... the first person to correctly guess my favorite... 90's BOY BAND will receive this for FREE!  :)

Happy guessing and I hope that it brings back some stellar memories!



  1. I'm guessing Backstreet Boys.

    1. Girl- you were right on the nose! :) Check your email! The words.."Everybody...." are just screaming in my head!

  2. Replies
    1. They do have some fantastic moves... but not my favorite!

  3. New Kids on the Block??

    1. They are a SUPER close 2nd! I definitely had the giant NKOTB button. I was always jealous of the kids with the cool lunch boxes and folders. They were so dreamy. I have been 2 concerts lately... so I'll email you too! :)

  4. Oh shoot! I wanted to say Backstreet Boys, but I'll go with 98 degrees instead.

    1. All I know is the Nick is an Ohioan.... but you were right... you gotta love the backstreet boys! Boy this was fun... we need more trivia on my blog! :)