Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Celebration center/ behavior signs

I finished my celebration center signs!

Thank goodness for clip art because I am not talented like most bloggy teachers out there with drawing/ painting etc.!

I THINK you have to charge for items when using Scrappin' Doodles clipart.  It is all confusing to me!  So I am selling these for 50 cents at TPT!  :)  If someone can tell me what the rules are, I can set it for free or whatever I have to do! 

Here is a peak:

You can get your copy here!  ;)

Also just a reminder- if you want the reflection center. character education worksheets for FREE- leave your email on the giveaway post! 

 SO far- Rachel you will be the LUCKY winner!  :) 

I have to tell you that my kiddos HATE going to the reflection center and they are rethinking their behavior so that they don't have to visit!  :)  I'm going to try it out for a few weeks more and then blog about the success or failures!  ;)

Is it really winter?  60 degrees in Ohio?  I'LL TAKE IT!


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