Monday, January 9, 2012

Interactive Math Warm Up

The interactive part (rolling dice, reveals etc.) has been broken on my Mimio Notebook software this year.  I just can't seem to figure it out!  I keep downloading Acrobat again and it still won't work!  I probably need to re download the Mimio Notebook software but I always find something more fun to do instead!  :)

I turned my math warm up items into something that even my software can handle!

Here are a few photos:
The fun practice items are "hiding" behind the gift.  I just drag something out!  I write what our focus is in the green box and highlight the skill on the hundred number chart.

Words and pictures of math skills that I have introduced are hidden behind the brain.  We pull out a skill and determine what we know.  I have a "Vanna" record how many items we discuss on the green chart.  pulled out a quarter to show you how they are "hiding."

Dry Erase Board Erasers

My students use dry erase boards daily during math.  We always use tissues or have to share dry erase erasers.  I went shopping today and found a 12 pair pack of men's black socks for $8.99.  I have EXACTLY 24 students so it was perfect!  We are going to use the socks to erase their boards.  :)
As an added bonus- when I open the pack, it will be an extra math lesson about pairs, doubles and fractions!  :)  I LOVE fitting in those random math lessons!

Have a great Tuesday!


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