Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Day in My Shoes Linky Party

Katie from Adventures in 6th Grade is having a Day in my shoes linky party.  I thought that I'd take a break from cleaning and link up!  ;)

This is a typical Tuesday- Thursday schedule.

5:30- My alarm goes off for the FIRST time.  I never give up on it being my goal to get up each morning!
(I hit snooze for about 50 minutes.  I just HATE waking up and getting out of a cozy bed!  ;) )

6:20- I FINALLY get out of bed and shower, dry my hair, get dressed.
(I have super thick hair and it takes FOREVER to dry my hair!)

7:05- I go downstairs and put on my shoes and quickly straighten my hair.

7:15- I leave for work.  And put my makeup on- on the way. 

7:50- I arrive at work and usually drop my purse and 800 bags off at the table outside of my room then head right to the copier to get in line to make copies of something that I usually made from the night before.

8:15 (I typically have a meeting which seems like at least 3 times a week)  If I don't I usually am working on a fundraiser or PTO stuff.

9:00- The students trickle in and I greet them/ remind them to turn in things and talk to them about their exciting news.  I also give rave reviews for the art work that usually about a third of them give me in the mornings that they did at home and tell them how much I love it and that I can't wait to show it to my husband.  I then send in lunch count and attendance.

9:35-10:05- RTI- so I teach a group of 6 students that are "bubble" reading kids.

10:5-10:15 Morning meeting- sharing stories, celebrity news, news for the day greeting etc.

10:15-11:25- Reading groups start and 2 K students come join my reading block time.

11:25-11:55- Inside recess.  My students play as I usually handle behavior discussion, write notes back to parents, check my email and if I have none- I just sit and talk to some of my students.  I also have to say, "How should we move during inside recess?" about 200 times.

11:55-12:25- My students go eat lunch.  I usually am folding books, running copies, filling a fundraiser order, and trying to eat lunch and talking the teacher's lounge.

12:25- 1:25 read aloud and writing workshop.  I am constantly moving around and stooping by students desks.  When I am feeling lazy I will roll from desk to desk on my chair.

1:25-1:40 inside recess.  I usually have about 5 emails by then and email people back.

1:40-2:40 Math-  I teach a math warm up whole group and then teach two guided math groups.  We end with problem solving whole group and an exit slip on some days.

2:40-3:15 special class.  I am usually straightening up my room from the items that I throw on my tables during the day.  I also start filing away materials that will be needed for next week.

3:15-3:30 We have peace meeting.  My students raise their hands and tell me about things that happened during the day that they didn't like.  I then discuss how they should handle the situation next time.  There is a lot of, "You need to use your words.  They may not know that you didn't think that it was funny unless you tell them..." talk.  I also read character education books and we talk about character education items.  We end the meeting with compliments.

3:30-3:40 the students pack up.

3:40- I stand at the classroom door and make students give me a high five or a hug as they leave

3:45- I walk to the K hallway and stand by my assigned bus students.

3:55 My bus is usually one of the last to arrive- so I take my students out to their bus.

3:55-5:00 I work on various things that have to be completed in my room.  (Organizing things for a volunteer etc.)
5:00-5:40 I drive home and feed my dogs.

5:40- I usually grab a snack because I never eat breakfast and just nibble for lunch.

5:40-7:00 I usually grade papers and decide what we will have for dinner and go to the store to get the ingredients(even though my hubby usually cooks because he is WAY better of a cook than I am.)

7:00-12:30ish I usually sit in front of the T.V. and make items, record grades, blog stalk, proteacher etc.  I take a break to eat dinner.

12:30- I go up to my room but usually play sudoku or blog stalk more and usually fall asleep around 1:30 or so.

Then I hear the alarm again at 5:30 and push snooze for an hour!  :)

Now my weekend schedule looks a lot like no school work until Sunday afternoon when I grade things.


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  1. If I hit snooze I would get myself in so much trouble because I would never get out of bed!

    Thanks for linking up!
    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher