Monday, January 2, 2012

Math Warm-Up

I am ALMOST ready to go back to work tomorrow!  I have been working all day preparing for it.  ;)

I have been working on updating my math meeting.  I FINALLY finished making a nice copy today. 

Here is a peak:
You start with students making facts using the date.  This is something that keeps my students "busy" as they are getting their drinks and putting their snack on their desk before we start our meeting. 

The next part of the meeting is Counting Review.  I have many review cards made.  You can choose a different card for a week or use a different one each day. 
I also made counting choice cards which are used to make this exciting when needed.  Examples of this are: "Count while holding your nose."

The next part of the meeting is Tell Me What You Know.  As you teach skills, you can add the card.  You draw out a card and can have your students tell you as much as they know about the skill.  This is so that you can review and practice skills all year.

This is another option for Tell Me What You Know.  You can use the spinners to determine the type of question students will have to answer about the skill.  The questions are simple enough so that it makes it broad enough for any skill.

If you would like to get your own- you can find it here!

Happy 1st day back to many of you tomorrow!  I am definitely going to stop at the gas station and buy a few Mt. Dew's to get through the day!



  1. Wow! You are ready! Have a good first day back!

  2. Thank you! My board is all set-up, I just have to attempt to make it cute! :)

    So far my kids have been AMAZING! They seem like second grade students already! I hope your little ones were equally as kind to you! :)