Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cute Graduation Gift Idea and New Student

One of my students' parents gave me a plastic bag with a book inside it today.  She said, "Umm... this is ummm... Well, I'm sure that you can figure it out!"

I was VERY intrigued.  My first inkling was that she signed up to be a mystery reader and that I had FORGOT!!!  This has not been the first time this year that I forgot to send home the reminder!  ARG!

I opened up the package after bus duty and found that it was the book, "Oh the Places You Will Go."

Inside the cover was a handwritten note from his kindergarten teacher!  Perhaps I am too sappy but I just gushed!  This is a book intended for each of his teachers to write a message!  I confirmed with his K teacher that she is going to give it to her son when he graduates.  I can't wait to write in it.  I know he wants to be a "LEGO engineer" when he grows up.  I will have to find a creative way to include that in my message. 

So, for all of you mamas out there with children that are not in school- I think that you should TOTALLY do this!  :)

For the past two years I have made "new student" bags.  Last year I NEVER received a new student and was bummed that I took the time at the beginning of the year to make these bags.  I however received a new student (to make is 25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and was EXTREMELY happy that I had new student bags made!  It made it so much easier to manage a new kiddo on his/her first day!

The bag has necessary items for the student to start on the first day.  I also include a welcome letter usually and extra dictionaries, folders etc.  (However with such a large first grade class we only ordered 24 items and we have ZERO extra!)

Here is what the bag looks like:

These are a few items that they need to add to their desk:
This has their word work notebook, district sight word list, and Phonic's Dance notebook.

This has many of the forms that I give parents in their Welcome folder:

I have an "about my child form", Dates available for Mystery Readers, a Volunteer choice form, Dates that the students are our "Celebrity of the Week" and a permission slip to allow me to take and post photos and videos on the Internet.

These forms are general information forms for parents:
One form is a letter about healthy snack.  I have attached a list of healthy snack ideas.  I also have my welcome letter which has a lot of school information, explains our rules, clip chart and class store,  I also have a blank, "School Supplies Needed!" form.  This allows me to quickly inspect what items the child brings with them and I am able to write down what supplies that they still need. 

These items are needed to allow the student to feel "included":
I have a blank cubby tag, a blank desk tag and a blank behavior clip.

Having everything that you need all together makes it WORTH the extra time that it took in August to make these.  I usually make about 5 bags.  Sometimes I receive new students with 30 minute notice so that makes it easy to pull it all together!  ;)

I hope that you had a terrific Tuesday!  :)



  1. What a cute idea for a graduation gift!

    I love the extra student bags!! Why haven't I thought of that before. It is so hard to try to remember everything I need to get ready for a new student. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea!!

    The First Grade Dream

  2. Great student bags. I know I have been meaning to make extra first day of school goodies for the kids. But I always seem to run out because I keep getting new students:)

  3. I usually always forget to send something important home or the student says, "Hey, I don't have one of those!" I highly recommend doing it.

    AHHHH! Sweet, sweet, finally doing something right! ;) Thanks for commenting! ;)

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  5. Fab bag ideas! Might do the same for the new school year!

    unique gift ideas