Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fluency RTI

Before I get into RTI, I just HAD to share:

It never fails- about this time each year during inside recess, I usually have about a 1/4 of my class that plays "school."

I ALWAYS listen in because I wonder, "Do I really sound like that or say that?"

Today, I had a little boy playing the principal.  He just sat at his desk and pretended to take a nap!  lol!  :-D

Most of the little girls took turns being the teacher.  I heard things like:
-"Move your clip down.  Now I want you to think about your your actions."  Then later on, I heard the same girl say, "What have you learned?  What are you going to do so that you can move your clip back up?  You are a good little girl and I know you can do it!  I will be watching.  (She did the two fingers pointing thing from her eyes to the little girl.)
-Another little girl said, "You are almost a second grade student.  I expect second grade behavior!"

I can't wait to listen in tomorrow.  So far so good!  Perhaps some of the good things are sticking!  I just need to know why the little boy thinks the principal naps in his office.  If this is true- perhaps I need to go back to school to get certified.  A nap during the day sounds grand!  ;)

On to RTI...

I was researching and looking around on TPT for some ideas for my RTI group that started today.  I ran into these little treasures and thought that I'd recommend them to you!  :)

This item has the first 600 Fry phrases.  She typed each of them on a rectangle and has the idea to copy them on yellow paper so that they look like french fries!  Our first grade RTI kids each have a clean McDonalds french fry box and are going to store their fry phrases in there!  It is super simple yet adorable!  ;)

This teacher is AMAZING!  You can tell that she puts in a lot of time researching with her products.  This item starts out with with word reading of similar looking words so it MAKES the students really look at the word.  Then she has fluency phrases at the bottom.  There are 17 (I think) pages.  There are also boxes with room to write the date and WPM.  I also checked out many of her other items like scaffolded worksheets etc.  This is right up my ally!  LOVE her!  ;)

Happy Tuesday!  ;)


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