Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Peak at my New Classroom!

About a month ago when I received my latest email blast from reallygoodstuff, I thought I'd try to win one of their gift cards by submitting an idea.  I completely forgot about it until I opened my email today and saw their new issue!
I read the email and noticed the first box was mine!  :)  I was super excited!  :)  Gosh- I sure will try again- I sure can put that gift card to good use!

I stopped in my new room today and took a few pictures.  I still have quite a bit to do.  I have almost nothing on the walls  yet and am waiting to bring in my super cute zebra reading center.

I LOVE all of the storage in my room!

I don't know what to do with the binders on the top (this is a new room and district so I don't know if I need them!) 

Here is a peak at how I'm utilizing my sweet storage!

This is where I keep the craft/ art items.  On the bottom shelf I am keeping all of my classroom store tubs.
This is where I will store my math manipulatives.  (I am an add on class and my materials haven't arrived yet!)

Here is where I keep my reading, science and social studies files.

Here are random items like party materials, publishing items, bags etc.  I even have a bottom drawer left that I cannot choose what to store in there!  :)

This is a cabinet that I designated to store extra student materials.  In here already cost my $0!  (Well minus the popcorn cup holding pencil sharpeners.)  I went to Office Max the other day and as I went to scan my teacher rewards card, they started bagging up 20 boxes of crayons, 20 rulers and 20 pencil sharpeners.  I had no idea what was happening but I was super excited!  Apparently if you spend $5 they will give you all of that for FREE!  I do LOVE FREE!
This is my technology cabinet.  I have my scholastic movies, CDs, and will add my Lakeshore Interactive Whiteboard discs, headphones etc.

This has teacher items like post it notes and other supplies.  The bottom will be used to store all of the Ziplock bags that the students will be bringing.

This is my favorite cabinet!  I have always wanted a place to organize items that I copy early but I never had room.  The top shelf has frequently used items.  The second shelf has 1 tub for each day of the week.  They are labeled, "Next  Monday, Next Tuesday" etc.  Throughout the week I will fill up the tubs so that Friday evening, I can move all of it to my current week storage area.  The green tubs are items that I can copy in advance.  I have my yearly behavior calendars already copied, I have a tub for morning work, a tub for weekly items and more! (like celebrity of the week reminder etc.)  The bottom shelves will be used to hold my read aloud books.

These are my lovely cubbies!  I have 6 table groups so each table has a tub for math tool kits, table materials (after Open House it will be on the tables.), math materials (I heard EDM has workbooks) and writing materials.  The bottom two rows hold writing materials for all students and word work materials for all students.

I cannot make up my mind of how to use this bulletin board!  So it is blank for now!  I also will probably move my teacher computer to this area as well and use my laptop for teacher use instead.

This is the front of my room.  They will be adding a projector so I had to spread my WBT rule signs apart so it wouldn't be in the way of the projector.  My Focus wall isn't even close to being finished.  I am going to make a better Spotlight Sign.  The hanging pocket charts below the board hold math flashcards.  I will probably move these to the back of the room.  To the left and right of the alphabet chart I will add my celebrity walk of fame stars.  So this is blank for now!  I ought to at least put something up there for now!  :)

I LOVE this bookself!  It has so many uses and tons of storage.  I put my monthly theme books in the front.  I store (I have to organize it a bit more) the other monthly these books in the back.  Finally it has 3 slots of the the top where I keep clipboards, dry erase boards, dry erase markers and socks (erasers.)

This is my reflection center.  In each labeled bag there are character education books and matching worksheets. 

This is behind my desk.  I keep my teaching manuals for math and writing (really only for substitutes since I have been making my lessons on Smartboard software) in the black organizer.  The white drawers hold daily weekly materials.  The two binders to the right are my Emergency First Grade Plans and my Substitute Binder.

My mail area by the classroom door.  In the crate I keep numbered file folders.  This is where my students turn in their work. 

This is my future word wall!  I have made it pretty far if you can't tell.  :)

These are my new popcorn number line strips.  They still need to make their way on the wall.

These will go on the wall and I will add my Phonics Dance icons to go with it.  :)

This needs to go on the wall too!  As I introduce non-fiction features through my weekend news, I add a photo of it on one of the blue stars.

My Open House bins are ready to go!  The top of each bin is labeled with the supplies that the students will be bringing.  My desk has the large tubs for tissues, wipes and Ziplock bags.  I didn't include my desk photo because you can't see right now what I normally keep on it.  :)I also have two letters for open house with instructions for putting away supplies etc.  I'll share that, my student and parent gifts and parent folders soon!  :)

I am leaving for Las Vegas this weekend!  :)  Since no one guessed it- and so few guessed- I'm going to send my Grandparents Day item to all of you that attempted!  :)





  1. Thanks! I look forward to receiving your packet and will be checking back in tomorrow to check out your giveaway. Have fun in Las Vegas!

  2. Wow-you are super-organized! I wish we had that much storage space! :)


  3. love your classroom, and the storage areas are awesome!!!