Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Classroom Update!... 100 follower flash giveaway! :)

*If it isn't midnight yet- scroll down to the bottom first!!!

I can't seem to get on Ohio time!  I have been sleeping in until 8:00 and struggling to get up!  I have only been making it to school by 12:00 every day!  :)  That means I am there until at least 8:00 each evening.  I still need to email all of my winners.  :)  I've been trying to fit as much as I can into my waking hours!

I gotta tell you- I miss my old staff SO much because they rocked... however I am a lucky girl because my new staff is just as AMAZING!  I've been picking their brains like crazy!

A second grade teacher came walking into my room yesterday holding some traveling soap containers.  She plopped them down and announced that they were extras and offered them up!  My school uses EDM and they give you LOADS of card decks.  She said kids can never get them back in their card board box so they put the decks in the soap containers.  GENIUS!  Here are my not so cutesy containers.
Then my teammate made the cutest Pinterest sign to hang and accidentally (to my luck) made an extra copy of the words.  She backed hers with blue and then zebra.  The zebra made me go zebra crazy... you will see below.  (I have a cute kid sized zebra chair too to add to my room.)

I realized that I forgot one of the signs.  I am going to attach them with ribbon tomorrow.  Gotta love whoever this originated from!  I'm sure a little research and I'll find them.  When I do- I'll pop back and link to them.

So.... then the other zebra stuff took off...

These were purchased for FREE for TPT from MRS CROAK.  I had a ton of points for leaving feedback.

lol.. even on my bus dismissal clip board.

This is a photo from my old classroom.  The fabric will be going around this....

These are the word wall cards from MRS CROAK.

Alright this isn't Zebra- but I'm going to add it.
I had to move my rule signs,  I plan to paint the clips red.

I am going to hang something on the ribbon but I haven't decided yet!  I am going to hang this outside of my door.  ANY IDEAS OF HOW TO FINISH THIS???

I even added a thin ribbon to my black border.  Did I tell you or what about going zebra crazy!!!!

Now- on to my 100 follower flash giveaway...

For the next 100 minutes for my TPT followers and blog followers (it is on the honor system)..........

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So... click the links above and download to your little hearts content!  Thank you so much for being followers!  I REALLYappreciate it!  :)