Friday, August 17, 2012

Random organization tidbits and open house stuff

I only have about 2 more hours of work that I can do in my room before open house on Monday.  I'm getting REALLY close!

Here are some tidbits that I was working on today:

Here is how I organize my word wall words and phonics dance chunk cards.

I use plastic DVD holders and simply label it by week.

Inside I keep the chunk cards and word wall words that I will need for that week. (The words are color coded by if they can be sounded out by the normal short vowel sound, use a rule or chunk that we discuss in first grade or are irregular words.)

My word wall words have a three week rotation. Week 1- they are on my focus wall. Week 2- I hang them above tables and they become table names. (It forces the little ones to see the word and use it.). Then week 3- the word finds its way on our word wall. This way the kiddos will have 1 new list and 1 review list each week that we work on.

Here is our almost finished hallway display.
Here is a picture of my riesen and extra gum filled items for parents.

I hope everyone is RELAXING this weekend!



  1. Great ideas! And I LOVE your blog design!

  2. What an awesome idea! Where did you find those DVD holders? (Are they soft plastic like a poly envelope?) I also love the chunk cards... Did you make them, and do you follow a particular order to introduce them?