Sunday, August 26, 2012

Easy to use transportation, money and sick notes!

Each year I try to steam line my notes more and more!  I of course want to write out notes to parents but I often do not have the time to do so!  I had my first upset belly and cut on a finger last week and didn't have time to write a note.  :(

This got me thinking.... it was time for more easy to fill out notes!  :)

The first one is what I send to the nurse.  The next one is the one that I will send home with parents.

These I will upload to my classroom website.  The first is a form parents can print and fill in for transportation change.  The second one is a form that parents can print and fill out if they are sending money to school.  Rarely I'll have little ones bring $20 to school and hand it to me.  I ask what the money is for and they don't know!  :)  Most of the time parents write a note- this just makes it quick and easy for them as well!  :)

A non school related item.... one of my good friends had her owl themed baby shower this weekend.  I scoured the internet and found many SUPER cute ideas!

Here are the party favors that were made:

Here are the owl cake pops:

They went in these:  (I forgot to take a picture of them in the pot!)

(If you live in the central Ohio area- you need this lady!  She is like the Ohio HGTV version of "Cake Boss" or whatever it is called!  She makes purse cakes or anything you can imagine!)

My first full week starts tomorrow!  I need to stock up on some caffeine! 

I barely made it the 3 days last week.  :-(

Enjoy your little ones!


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