Wednesday, August 29, 2012

M.i. Tree

Lol I am always so proud if I attempt anything "arty.".

As always it doesn't always pan out how I expected! This is my multiple intelligence tree. I accidentally cut the trunk too large so I can't fit the collage green top! At least I'll have a nice project for this weekend!

Another fun tidbit is that this tree keeps falling off of the brick wall. I made the mistake of yelling, "timber!". The first time that it fell so my little ones keeps yelling it too!

Well after trying MANY types of tape (I'm out of Blue sticky and command strips) I found some wax dots in my cabinets. Those have certainly done the trick! There have been no more "timber!". Yells in almost 24 hours!

I hope everyone is enjoying their time back! I know I'm exhausted and it has felt like Friday since Monday!

Have a terrific Thursday!


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