Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Grandparents or Special Person Day Activities

Hi blogging friends!

I finished my Grandparents day item.  I have ALWAYS wanted to celebrate Grandparents day but I ALWAYS miss it because it is celebrated usually the 2nd week or so of September.  I decided that this is one of my goals this year to incorporate. 

Here is a peak at my Grandparents or Special Person Day Activities:
(I wrote 2 poems for this.  Let me tell you- a life being a poet is NOT in my future!  It took me half a day alone to rearrange all of the words just how I wanted them!)  This poem is used with the paint or construction hands that look like this:

Here is the entire file sample:

I tried to make items so that you can just celebrate in your classroom or you can send home the invitations that I included and invite those special people to come in for a visit.  I LOVE the poem that I wrote for a visitor craft.  Because I have the visitor trace one of their hands and the student trace one of their hands and put it together.  :)

As always- a new product means I give it away!  :)

Let's make it interesting...

The first person to correctly guess where I will be going on vacation next week will win this item!  :)  If no one guesses correctly- I'll just use a random number generator sometime tomorrow to figure out a winner.  :)



  1. Will you be visiting your grandparents?

  2. Will you be going to the ocean?

  3. Hawaii