Sunday, August 19, 2012

Writing Poster finds and a peak at my writers notebook

I was looking on google images for who knows what and I found some adorable little writing signs! These are super cheap on TPT: (click the picture to go to the TPT store!)

There are parts of a writer posters. There is a boy and a girl version. I think that I'll have my kiddos put it on the back of their writers notebook.  It is super adorable!

My new teammates use a writers notebook. I have always wanted to use one but have never taken the time to put all 20 some together.

Here is a peak at what I'm including:
This is what I'm including behind the "ideas" tab.

This is what I'm including behind the "story helpers" tab.

Drafting Tab- (They will add new drafting pages each week.)
This is what I am Including behind the "resources" tab.

Revising and editing checklists
Phonics dance chunks ( I have to minimize all of the icons to make them fit on one page.)

Word wall pages and lists (I was in the middle of making my own but I ran out of time- so I found this little lovely resource of TPT.)

We have Being a Writer series.  I think that I am going to absolutely LOVE it!  I have been creating smartboard slides to go with each unit.  It is very time consuming but it will allow me to teach writing without misplacing my modeling stories and hugging my manual!  :)

Tomorrow is our meet and greet and I CANNOT wait!  I am super excited to meet my new families!  :)

P.S. To answer the question about my chunk cards... I get them here.  They are from the Phonics Dance program.  I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone!  It meets so many different learning styles and the kiddos LOVE it!  :)  The program has an order to follow but I associate them with my sight/ spelling words.  For instance if I am teaching "the", I will pull out the 'th' chunk.  It only makes sense right?  :)

(Thanks for the comments- I LOVE them!)

***The writing items I showed above are from my common core writing rubrics and materials.  Which is STILL not finished! ***


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  1. Your ideas are terrific! Can't wait to see your final product. Hope you find that your new students are excited about school and having you as a teacher. Good luck!