Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blogging Roulette, Open House and Giveaway Reminder!

I feel that anytime that I am on the computer, I tend to be busy making some kind of things for school.  I often have the urge to go blog hoppin' everywhere to find new ideas and follow new bloggers but I often fall asleep before that happens!

Since I'm on vacation in Las Vegas, I was inspired by the roulette wheel (my FAVORITE) to do Blogging Roulette.  What I did was click the first blog on my blogging list (down the right side) and left them a comment no matter what!  Then from their blog, I clicked on the first person on their blogging list (or from a comment on their page if they didn't have a blogging list) and went to that person's page.  If I wasn't follower I became one and then left them a comment too!  I did this for just about 30 minutes and I am so glad that I did!  I found some amazing little treasures of blogs that I never knew before!  :)

If you have a free 30 minutes- try it out!  :)  Leave some love for some bloggers!  :)

I blogged before about some Open House items but I didn't leave pictures!  So here are some photos of items.  :)

I have the sheets below setting on a desk outside of the classroom.

These items are included in a parent folder that I leave on desks:

Welcome letter (NOT finished yet!)

Volunteer Request

Tell me about your child

Mystery Reader Invite

I fill this in with student names as soon as I get my list!

I have parents fill this out at Open House!
One of my new fabulous teammates has an awesome form that had all of the headings.  I just updated my old dismissal form to correspond with what she had!  :)

Student gifts:
I have used a fun poem and bag the last few years with smarties, laffy taffy, erasers etc.  I already made them so I'll give it to my kiddos on the first day of school.  (I'll show picture later.)

One of my new teammates showed me the Back to School Confetti!  I LOVE it!  I made bags up and am going to put that out for Open House instead.  I don't know where the original poem/ idea came from.  I googled for about 10 minutes to try to find it but there are so many people with it on their blog that I don't know who to give credit to!  PLEASE let me know if you know!  :)

I also am leaving a gift for the parents as a reminder of Curriculum night.  It will have 3 RIESEN candies and a pack of EXTRA gum.  It will say, "Here are 3 EXTRA good RIESENS to come to Curriculum Night on ___________________________."


Also- here is a reminder about my MEGA COMMON CORE GIVEAWAY!  Click the icon to go to the post to enter!  :)

Out to the pool and VEGAS sunshine!  :)


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  1. I love your blog, I was looking for ideas to include in a homework assignment. Future Teacher, thanks for your ideas!