Thursday, August 16, 2012

Quick and Easy Hallway Display

My first year of teaching I went to the teacher store, picked out one of their welcome bulletin board packs, laminated them and wrote on them with dry erase marker.  I was absolutely sure that I was going to re-use the bulletin board item every year.

Then the second year came rolling along...

I decided I wanted new and did the same thing!  Okay- this keeps repeating...

Then one year I was running out of time and bought fade less star paper:

Add these signs to the paper...

Add student names to stars then dd to the fadeless paper.

Look how many options you have!  I personally love the kid drawn star the third row from the bottom with the blue border.

Then to make the board seem a bit more fancy and complicated than it actually was.... (I am completely inspired by the SUPER cute and time consuming "sweet" board a colleague made.  I SERIOUSLY have to ask her permission to take a picture and post it.  It is by far the CUTEST bulletin board that I have ever seen!  She sure is a super creative lady!)
Add some yellow tulle lining the edge of the board!

BAM!  It is super easy and quick!  :)

Needless to say- with going to a new district this year- I went for the quick and easy out!  Not like the handmade red carpet complete with paparazzi like last year!  THAT took some time!


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  1. Wow- you are one busy person!!
    Love your creativity!

    Hope you have the happiest of birthdays!!