Thursday, September 29, 2011

Classroom Store

Tomorrow is our first classroom store!  My students are VERY excited!

I use the clip chart system.  My students earn a weekly pay check for their behavior.  They earn 1 cent for green, 3 for white, 5 for orange, 10 for purple and 25 for top of the chart.  They also have pay deducted if they are on yellow (3 cents), blue (5 cents) and red (10 cents). 

At the end of the month, if they were on green or above, they earn their bonus check of 10 cents. 

I hope to someday make cutesy signs but here is the store!
I have a mother who comes in once a month and runs the store for me.  She assists my students with counting and paying for their items.  The types of coins that the students use to shop is differentiated based on their counting money abilities.

While they are shopping, they also working on writing words by filling out their receipt to take home.

I'm off to grade a massive amount of papers, finish up my newsletter and complete my weekly effort sheets.  Have a terrific Friday!

-Danielle :)


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