Sunday, September 11, 2011

Differentiated Word Work

I cannot explain how much I love the Daily 5.  I am reminded of my love each year when I start school.  I use to spend HOURS coloring, laminating and TONS of cash buying all types of center books.  I would teach the new 10 centers on Monday.  Lo and behold... on Wednesday MANY students would already forget the centers.  I would PRAY that my observations would be on Tuesdays because they would still remember their stations!!!  

A huge reason why I love the Daily 5 is because it saves ME time.  I have learned to work smarter NOT harder.  I just add fun items to use or new art materials for the students to use.  Don't get me wrong- if I had my own personal assistant- I would LOVE to have fun worksheets and materials by theme but I am stretched thin as it is!

I am huge on talking about Multiple Intelligences with my students.  I always have at least 2 students that have a low self esteem and think that they are "not smart" because they have trouble reading.  Once we start talking about different types of intelligences and why people learn faster than others- they start to feel better about themselves.

I created word work worksheets that use different multiple intelligences.  I teach my students these whole group and then once they reach 20 minutes stamina.  I allow the students to "make" their own worksheet in a cheap 20 cent spiral notebook.  This way I don't have to make copies ALL year!  I just keep the original worksheets posted in the room.  Working smarter NOT harder!  :)

Here is where you can find them on TPT!


The above photographs are examples of the files included!

I'm going to go google how to use google docs so I can start posting files instead of photographs!



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