Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Guided Math Rotations

They are FINALLY getting it!  I love this time of year when they seem to finally start to understand.

I have made just a few minor adjustments to my guided math rotations this year.
Here is what they looked like last year.

*Monday- I teach a whole group skill.  We also enter the new math vocabulary into our math journals.  At the end of the lesson, I give an Exit Slip.
After school I grade the Exit Slips and form the students into three groups based how much they understood.

*Tuesday- Thursday we complete math rotations. 
      -Math on your own ---> math facts
      -Work on numbers --->math goals
      -Math with Mrs. LaSota

*Friday- I give a post skill assessment and Mad minute fact assessment.  We also complete math art rotation and math games rotation.

I begin each day with a math meeting where we review/ practice skills on the Mimio.  I end Tuesday- Thursday with math strategy instruction and practice.

I have been so pleased with how well they are adjusting to the rotations and how much they are improving during the week!

Let's hope that their independence during math keeps up! :)



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