Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm having a sale!

I am throwing a 20% off sale on everything in my TPT store through Friday this week.

I'll show you a few pages from my Common Core Standards I Can Notebook and my Fall Quarter Math Centers.  (Which can actually be used at any point in the year depending on your expectations for students.)

These are the first 2 pages in a book that I send home with each student every other week.

These are 2 pages of common core standards.  When first grade students master the skill, they add a sticker to their notebook.  It could also be used for you to record what you have taught.

These are whole class graphs using the common core standards.

I have a set of recommended materials, center ideas and ideas of whole group games for each skill.

This contains the exit slip that I give the students after my Monday whole group lesson to determine small groups for Tuesday- Thursday.  I also have some of the numbers for the math with someone rotation.
This is an example of the work on numbers pages.  They are simple but the students need to practice.  The directions are on the weekly lesson plans.
This whole unit only focus' on the doubles facts.  One set of flashcards is given. 

A few pages from my doubles unit are included for practice.

An example of Math on My Own is included for each skill.  I personally use my Saxon Math worksheets for my Math on My Own rotation for most days.

Sorry that I am not posting more tonight!  I am beat!  If I take a nap and feel a second wind, I will post more!  :)



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