Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Doubles Facts

Happy Hump Day!  :)

I finished my doubles facts unit and posted it on TPT last night. 

I never had anything to work on doubles facts other than the Saxon math Doubles Rap, flashcards and fact sheets.  I created this to allow MANY different opportunities to practice the doubles facts.

This describes how the different activities meet different learning styles.  A few activities do not have worksheets because they are not needed just like using pipe cleaners.

I created 10 story problems using only the doubles facts.

This is a doubles cut and paste activity.  I was inspired by making words activities!

My students choose a fact that is difficult for them to remember.  They write it in the box and then write it in each color.  I was inspired to make it just like how we use word work color write!

What do you know I was inspired by my make 3 times and write sight word practice sheets!?!  The students can make the numbers on dry erase boards, color write them, pipe cleaners, using sign language numbers etc. and then write the fact again.

There are many more independent activities for the students to complete.  This just highlights a few!

You can download it here from TPT!

I have to tell you, after I posted this late last night, I tried searching for "doubles facts" and ran into an AMAZING product.  (Other than mine of course!  lol  :))

Shelley Gray has posted many mental math units including a doubles facts unit.  She includes terrific posters and even her worksheets are a lesson in it's own.  I strongly recommend downloading her mental math units.  They are terrific for teaching.  My unit is mostly just for independent practice while hers can be used for teaching.  Stop on by TPT and check them out!  :)

Have a great night!


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