Sunday, September 11, 2011

Trouble Identifying Coins!

Each year my first grade students ALWAYS have trouble identifying coins.  I know that they learn all about it in kindergarten but they just cannot remember it! 

I was inspired by learning that the third grade state assessments had new coins on the assessment to create simple money worksheets (which I can NEVER find many of these anywhere) and coin identification activities using some of the new coins.

You can find my Teaching Coin Identification Unit here.

You can find my Simple Money Worksheets here.

In my experience, I have noticed that counting money is the most difficult concept for most students to master.  Last year I created counting money scripts for my volunteers to use that would be differentiated based on the student.  Last year only 3 students could not count a collection of coins up to a dollar with using the support of my parents.  In college I was an ABA therapist and I created the form like the forms that I used in ABA therapy. 

The volunteer money script is included in my Teaching Coin Identification unit on TPT.  I'd love to post it here for free but I have to figure out how to use google documents!  :) Until then, I will post a picture of just the script.  There also is a letter to the volunteer and the recording sheets.

-Danielle :)


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