Sunday, September 18, 2011

Constitution Day

I am celebrating Constitution Day on Monday.  I downloaded One Extra Degree's We the People pack from TPT.  This is a terrific resource and has great background information as well as some definition posters.

I will be reading the book, We the Kids by David Catrow.
We also will be listening to the preamble on the Weesing America CD.  This also has great tracks with many USA favorites and the Star Spangled Banner!  The students love it because children are singing the songs.

We will be using these scrolls to make a hallway display.  I will write, "We the Kids in Mrs. LaSota's class promise to ..."  Then each of the students will finish the sentence and write their name,

This should be an easy way to introduce the little learners to Constitution Day!
Since we are already learning about the United States, we will also be completing out U.S. Symbols unit later this week as well.  I use a little book, art project, pictures online and a powerpoint that I created a few years ago to teach about the symbols.

Here are some links to the items that I use:

You can download this entire book for only $1 now!  :)

These are books that I am going to save up to buy next year:



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