Sunday, September 11, 2011

Curriculum/Parent Night

I am really excited for curriculum night this year!  I have about half of my parents attending next week. 

I have scoured all of the back to school sales and bought many cheap items to make homework box starter kits!  I really wanted to provide the box for the students to use for their homework box but buying 25 boxes at .59 cents each started to add up quickly! 

I contacted Meijer and filled out a donation request form during the summer.  They called about month ago and approved us for a $25 gift card!  :)  We are using the gift card to buy some snacks for the parents to munch on during our presentations.

I created a Curriculum Night packet on TPT and posted it for FREE.  This time of year, I figured we are all stressed and I figured by us helping each other out in even just the TINIEST little way can help relieve some stress! 

You can find my packet here.  :)


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