Monday, September 19, 2011

Sight Word Assessing

After 6 years of trying and trying- I think that I finally found a way to assess sight words and I like it!

A wonderful teammate of mine found these from Lakeshore and we ordered them this year: (Sorry for the HORRIBLE photos!)
I keep the district sight word list in a folder for each student.  I call back the students one at a time and have them read from a blank list as I record how they do on their list out of their folder.

You can see that I date if they pass to the right of the sight word list.  Another teammate of mine made this easy to use list.  :)  The blue form is a simple form that I made to inform the parents which sight word lists their child is currently working on.  The parents have an identical list at home.  If they pass, the blue form goes home.

If the student passes, I just turn around and grab the white sight word list out of their current level bag.  I hand the list to the student and they glue it into their cheap 20 cent Meijer spiral notebook.  They use this list to work on during Word Work.

I assess each student once a week and I feel that my setup and having everything right there on hand is FINALLY making it as manageable as possible!  ;)

Have a great night!  I'm off to work on my math fact mastery item that I should post on TPT by this weekend!  :)