Sunday, September 18, 2011

Common Core Standards I Can Notebook

One more today!  :)  I am catching up because I was way too tired to post Wednesday- Saturday!

I have started using I Can Notebooks to communicate if students have mastered any standards based skills.  These have been working very well this year. Not only do my parents understand them, but it doesn't take me too long to update!  As an added bonus, the students also get really excited to earn a sticker.  :)  If only I would become just as excited to earn a sticker!

I write a small date in the rectangle box when I assess a student but they do not pass the skill.  A sticker is placed to the right of the skill and the date written to the right of that when the skill is mastered.

I created downloaded Deanna Jump's Common Core Standard posters to use next year.  I have been sick at home for the first two weeks of school (it was the worst feeling NOT being there!) so I had enough time to create an I Can Notebook using the Common Core Standards for next year.

I also made class graphs for each section (forgive my common core language- I haven't studied the new terminology yet!) so that you can shade in a box when a student masters the skill.

You can find the entire document at my TPT store!  Stop on by to check out the preview if you would like to see more!  :)




  1. Great idea! I may borrow it for my class! So glad I found your blog. :)

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  2. Thanks! I tried responding a while ago but I don't think my settings were turned on correctly. :-( Very few of my ideas are complete originals. We work in a field of borrowing sharing and adapting! We all are working towards the same goal! :) Borrow away! :)